Last prevention of mother Earth to each person!


Expensive people, the Earth - our present with you the terrestrial Native land, our unique planet on which all of us with you we live and on which to people life and inhabitancy have been free of charge presented.


To people have been free of charge given: air, water sources, plants - creating the vivifying environment, the earth - on which they can build free of charge houses of a tree and clay, and also free of charge to grow up own products for a food.


Absolutely free of charge the Earth has given to each person all the most necessary!


75 trillion cages of our organism live in peace! And 7 billion people cannot agree to live without war and the weapon on our general Earth...


What has occurred to humanity when people have created the countries, money and the business constructed on a profit?


In the world there was a greed, envy, egoism, debauchery, laziness, the contention, different beliefs, religion of money, thirst of the power over people, the weapon of murder and constant wars …


95 % of all wars and crimes in the world are made because it seems to people that they do not have not enough money or because of blind egoism.


And frequently people could make hands to themselves all the most necessary without thefts of money and property at other people or the whole people in wars!


When money was not in a course people helped to build each other houses free of charge. All were well off, without surpluses.


And now even the whole life does not suffice much to earn to itself on the house for habitation …


When someone has money it seems to them that they at them a little and are them to be had even more …


So greed and egoism develops. As a result some fall before that can kill an animal or the person only for the sake of money, desires, greed, arrogance and egoism.


Even in experiences on monkeys it is visually visible that their schooling to "money" develops among primacies the same defects as at people: larceny, gangsters, greed, cruelty and fury in upholding of the money, suspiciousness to each other, a deceit and prostitution.


It is time to all to grasp that all people on a planet - fellow countrymen, earth dwellers, native … If are respect for everything, and there is no division on and another's it is true patriotism within a planet.


There are no countries - there are no borders! There are no disputes for the earth - there is no aggression! There is no egoism - there is no murder! There is no money - there are no wars! There is no greed - there is no violence!


Corporations, governors and dictators have divided all planet. They have appropriated riches of a planet to themselves... They have transformed free people into slaves to small plots of land.


Remember, people of a planet that all of you are fellow countrymen, all of you are earth dwellers! And nobody has the rights to adhere you to any color rag - to any flag!


Nobody has the rights to put on you an accessory stamp to any country and a slavish code!


You should not depend on money and borders. It is time to you to grasp that all most important thing free of charge is already given you! And nobody has the rights to take away your freedom!


If in the person conscience and true love they never will allow to the person to admit any insult for causing of a pain to someone is cleared, and the anger can be transformed to repentance and unity comprehension!


The good is that unites all people! Also it is comprehension of unity of all people, harmonizing music, silence, conscience and mercy.


Harm is that divides people! Also it is fear of death (returning to the spiritual world), thoughts on division, division into languages, the countries, flags, wars for the sake of greed of money and the beliefs thought up by people!


With 988 on 1914 torment this world has left over 400 million souls of people because of constant wars, it is artificial created epidemics, famishment, religious inquisitions.


And greed to money, arrogance was the main reason of these crimes! … greed and arrogance have ruined millions people.


With 1914 for 1945 torment this world has left 80 million persons. The past has repeated. More than 400 million steel invalids-cripples! For the sake of what?


For the sake of owners of money - corporations which gained money for World wars, having involved many countries in credit debts... Again greed of money has ruined millions!


Than it is more at people appeared money and material things, - that the feeling of greed, arrogance, fear and cruelty more strongly grew!


And with 1945 for 2015 torment this world has left over 500 million souls because of business on sale of alcoholic and tobacco poison, and also other drugs.


According to World Health Organization every year because of debauchery propagation this murder of children is made over 45 million abortions, and!


The NATO, carrying out will of owners of money, military technologies grasps the different countries to use natural resources of these countries or to enslave them in credit debts.


They do the people living in these countries deprived of civil rights, and the portages-governors by puppets. Owing to what, the people of the grasped countries die out from criminality and disorders, and also the draconian economic conditions established by aggressors.


If to summarize all death for last 70 years the quantity of victims from greed of owners of corporations will appear over two billions persons!


NATO armies is also someone's children and they should not be gun meat in hands of owners of money! Anybody in the NATO or in other organizations should not be at war for the sake of egoists.


It is time stand to serve degradantov for a monetary callous piece of paper!


Lives of people are the most expensive than money and all beliefs on the Earth! Everyone should respect and appreciate life of other person and live beings! Nobody should dare to put in thoughts value of life below the price of the printed monetary paper!


The employees of the mass media who have sold conscience for money, create shameless advertising consumerism, trying to impose to people thought that happy they can be only from constant purchases and acquisitions for which money is necessary.


Basic concepts of love, responsiveness and the Universe - use coffee banks as the appendix to any advertising. Therefore people spend all time for acquisition of the different knickknacks, chemically-dangerous products for the use in food and sanitary leaving.


On the statistical, more than 90 % of women and men who get sexual communications before marriage, never are considered true and reliable, therefore unscrupulous people of easy behavior always remain unfortunate and lonely.


Having put on the first place a thing, and cultivating in itself desire of possession it, people develop in themselves greed which eclipses consciousness, generates quarrels and aggression, all lives paternal are for nothing ruined.


Usual attribute of advertising is the human smile, frequently a false kind - with отрытым a mouth and protruding eyes. That is, the condition which the person expects is subconsciously advertised to get from this purchase.


It as the happiness promise behind which people also go to shop … But the happiness in shop is not on sale, therefore as the happiness is a rest and a pacification, life without surpluses and desires …


Mass media, television and the films corrupting consciousness, advertise images of behavior worse an animal, instead of the person more and more.


Various technologies, infernal games and even children's toys … will for this purpose be involved


 In consciousness to people from early age introduce concepts разлагающеoperating on them. And people, being dipped by consciousness this environment, become impregnated with it and consider its natural to itself.


It is time to all to realize that the debauchery of mind and war is a Satanism, - message children to death for the sake of interests of owners of money.


All wars cursedmothers and children! The present enemy not in an external world, and in each of us, it kills people in millions a year …


It is greed, anger, arrogance, egoistical and mad desires. Their display in an external world many-sided and its worst displays: the weapon, violence, money and drugs.


Has now come to leave time a genocide of all people, having chosen for itself the world and conscience, - which any being forbids to kill and inspire to defend the peace and defenseless!


It is time to realise that corporations and money are the main weapon of Harm on mother Earth which should be eradicated forever … And first of all dollar for the sake of which there have been begun the World wars which have killed over 80 million of persons.


Now many governors of the world have chosen a Satanism, which is the extreme form of egoism.


The Satanism became a way of life of many people and it is the belief, based that money, the time material power, a deceit, murders, vampirism (violence, prostitution, sexual communications before marriage, changes in marriage) and eating of a flesh of other beings can bring happiness and rest.


Actually, it is the reason of all troubles and sufferings …


The Satanism is a religion of the fallen spirit of people, the leader to suicide and a damnation of and native on the seventh knee.


Many modern mass media, fashion and the film industry are supervised by egoists whom it is possible to name degradantov. They also impose to the audience of dangerous idols for imitation.


Modern cities enthrall people in whom those slowly die, aspiring to thoughtless entertainment and a pursuit of innovations. It is promoted actively by drugs for suicide: alcohol and tobacco.


Already at a birth, much register a slavish code of prisoners - an


. Instead of true freedom to people, impart a self-expression cult, as a matter of fact, a connivance to the low passions and the degradation and extinction justification.


People, all of you should be free! The planet urges to refuse division into the countries and flags!


And also urges to rise against the main enemies of mankind - egoism, greed, lust, suggesting all people to refuse money, murders and the weapon; to demand the free earth and to leave a matrix of system of cities on the earth!


The planet declares Judgment century to all founders of money, owners of corporations and businesses on sale of the weapon and drugs. Businessmen and magnates of this world still can have time to transform the essence to help simple people to receive the personal earth for the economy and to become free.


And who will revenge for murders of billions people which is made by pity Satanists-degradantov through manufacture of money, the weapon, alcohol and tobacco?


The planet will revenge for all your native, lost from terror of greed and false belief!



Egoism, greed, belief in lie, desires unnecessary: knickknacks, surpluses, wars, - transform people in demons and murderers of millions animals and people!


Every day millions animals only because of egoism and greed die!


If in minds there will be no division on and another's never will be cruelty and murders! After all all people - the Single whole part, and all of you are children of the Earth.


Conscience forbids the person to kill the fellow countrymen - earth dwellers! How many it is possible to play tell-tales and to take offence against each other as children, dividing the earth in a sandbox?


If you now do not confess, billions, after all the world on a hair from world war … will be lost


If selfish and greedy magnates do not cease to make the weapon and to provoke wars, bearing malice to the brothers-earth dwellers mother Earth will start the weapon against madmen - volcanoes.


Then the Earth will be cleared of parasites and living on their principles. Then it will give the rigid lessons to those who creates or sponsors wars, pushes people to die because of the avidity!


Mother Earth remembers tears of thousand mothers. She calls for a repentance of Europeans for a genocide more than 60 millions Indians, Africans and Australians.


The planet also calls for a repentance of mercenaries of the NATO for murders of 500 thousand children during bombardments of


and for murders more than 6 millions people for all time NATO existence.

These figures were informed by historian William Blum from the




Americans suffer that their governors spend for creation of the weapon and horror films of more money, than all countries together taken.


And manufacture of horrors and the weapon strengthens fear, arrogance, quarrels, wars and misfortunes of children, owing to their corruption and destruction. Even walking for children represents to school and training there danger as to people have resolved from fear to bear arms!


However, it is important to remember that all can be solved peacefully without the weapon and cruelty. And all people should study on errors to correct them.



Whether if conscience at people who create insults and push to take the field? No! It means bad people, and demons in human shape. Mother Earth against egoism!


The planet has woken up also it will prove, who possesses all earth … Those who will not refuse greed, egoism, deification religions of money - will be wiped out and will leave this world beggars, empty-handed.


Your life is too short and passes as a dream! Nobody has the rights to take away from you happiness, the world, rest and silence! Nobody has the rights to employ you for money and to kill other your brothers-earth dwellers!


Now on all planet the largest volcanoes of the world wake up, and they are capable to begin eruption during any instant. Then it will change all shape of a planet


But volcanoes - reflect a condition of thoughts and emotions of all people, after all our planet has been created by means of thought … If people are not released from anger and will not learn with mercy to concern each live being our Civilization will be doomed...


Mother Earth declares boycott to all dirty money and all World wars and urges people to change itself, to be released from bad habits, for insults, from aggression and any destructive thoughts, thereby to help to change the whole world!


Planet not against politicians or selfish, mad people.


The Earth against greed, which does people by blind egoists and self-deceivers.


This last prevention of mother Earth to each person living on it!


We suggest sharing this message for the sake of the world with everything, for strengthening of friendship of all nations of the world!


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